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Spartan Chemical Company Inc

Spartan Chemical Company, Inc., with corporate headquarters, manufacturing and distribution facilities in Maumee, Ohio, is an international manufacturer of chemical specialty maintenance products.

Established nearly 55 years ago, today Spartan is a leading global manufacturer of chemical specialty maintenance products and industrial degreasers. Spartan has continued to create, manufacture and sell products to meet the ever-changing needs of the maintenance industry, all the while upholding its dedication to quality, cost-effective products.

Product Assortment

Aerosols: Spartan’s Airlift brand contains special formulation to eliminate odors. These special ingredients assist the initial control of offensive odors caused by stale smoke, mildew, urine, and vomit. Airlift may be sprayed on most surfaces not harmed by water. Airlift comes in a variety of fragrances and types: Fresh Scent, Lemon, Smoke & Odor Elimination, Tropical Scent etc. Spartan also manufactures carpet stain removers, chewing gum removers, machinery lubricants, insect & pest killers, kitchen & bathroom cleaners, furniture & stainless steel polishes etc.

All Purpose Cleaners: Spartan offers a host of cleaners including Hydrogen Peroxide cleaners for everyday soils and greasy surfaces, hard surface cleaners, low foam industrial strength cleaners, detergent concentrates fortified with pine oils, and other multi-surface cleaners.

BioRenewables: Spartan has launched a chain of Bio based products including glass cleaners, restroom cleaners, industrial degreasers, graffiti removers, and multi-purpose cleaners.

Clean on the Go: Clean on the Go is a unique range of cleaners for surfaces such as bathrooms, showers, glass, floors etc.

Clothesline Fresh Laundry Care: Clothesline Fresh Laundry Care treats food-based oil and grease stains on fabric and offers many products for home and industrial laundry. Spartan manufactures chlorine eliminators, alkaline and all-purpose spotters, bleach, enzyme detergents and spotters, fabric softeners, iodine and betadine removers, laundry sours, and starch.

Concrete Care: Spartan manufactures hydrochloric acid-based corrosion inhibitors, protective seals for new floors, water-proofers, and low viscosity liquid epoxy.

Consume “Nature’s Way”: Natural cleaners, Consume offers disinfectants, degreaser, urinal and shower room cleaners which are bio-based and offer odor control. Under the Consume brand, Spartan also manufactures farm waste and wastewater digester, and mosquito killers for organic farm soils.

Contempo Carpet Care: Low foaming Contempo Carpet Care line offers a wide range of products to remove stains, pet-odor, paints, grease, tar and ink from your carpets. It also offers special heavy-duty products to dissolve rust, browning and yellowing from the carpets.

Disinfectants: Spartan creates disinfectants for different uses – hospitals, nursing homes, schools, hotels & restaurants, athletic/recreation facilities, sports stadiums, amphitheaters, convention centers, and other institutions where housekeeping is of prime importance in controlling cross-contamination from treated surfaces.

ecore Aircare System: ecore’s multi-phasing, submicron fragrance technology ensures that air remains fresh for up to 60 days, guaranteeing happy and satisfied building occupants. Completely free of solvents, propellants, HFCs and VOCs, ecore is not only safer for building occupants it is safer for the environment with 100% recyclable or compost-able components.

Floor Finishes: Floor sealants, finish restorers, floor finishers, black floor finishers, floor coatings, marble polishes, floor conditioners and a host of other floor shiners are offered by Spartan.

Food Processing: Spartan presents a large selection of cleaners used for food processing, especially for reducing soil from food, or cleaning meat and eggs. Not only to treat food, but also to fight grease, blood stains and proteins from floors, walls and food processing equipment – Spartan offers a complete solution for the food processing industry.

Green Solutions: Green Solutions present a host of cleaning solutions which are biodegradable.

Hand Cleaners: From mild handwashes to tough sanitizers, Spartan offers a large range of hand cleaners which are great for cosmetic, every-day or even industrial usage.

Industrial Cleaners: Powerful, medium-tough industrial cleaners – manufactured for various surfaces and soil levels.

IPG: Synthetic coolants, petroleum degreasers, cutting & grinding fluid concentrate, germicidal detergents, and metal cleaners – a myriad of products offered by Spartan for varied industrial uses.

Kitchen Services: Spartan manufactures a variety of kitchen cleaners such as pots & pans cleaners, grill & fryer cleaners, coffee & tea destainers, cosmetic quality foaming detergents etc.

Lite’n Foamy: The Lite’n Foamy brand by Spartan includes hand, hair & body washes, hand sanitizers for food processing industries, industrial handwashes, Healthcare Personnel handwashes, and hypoallergenic foaming handwashes.

Restroom Cleaners: Spartan offers a range of products to clean drains, sewers, toilet bowls, showers and urinals.

RTU Handi Sprays: Handi Sprays are air-sprays which come in a variety of fragrances and uses

SparClean Warewash Products: Spartan manufactures detergents for use in high temperature dish machines. These detergents are ideal for industry areas where utensils and dishware have problematic food soil stains.

Specialty Cleaners: Bulk cleaners for a host of uses – Spartan offers special cleaners for combating odors, cleaning surfaces etc.

Urinal Screens, Blocks: This unique product range offers a ready-to-use odor eliminator, which is easy to use, non-messy, and a real labor saver.

Wax Strippers: This product range by Spartan provides heavy duty cleaning and wax & finish stripping.

Wipes: Quat-based cleaner/disinfecting/sanitizing hard surface wipes. Kills 99.9% of bacteria in just 15 seconds.

Wood Floor Care: Wood floor finishers and maintainers, Spartan’s wood floor care products are ideal to maintain the natural beauty of wood. They are a great to amplify the wood’s characteristics without causing yellow undertones.


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