Popular Categories for Coffee Shop/Cafe

Paper Hot Cups and Lids

Paper hot cups and lids keep beverages secure and temperature-maintained, perfect for coffee shops and cafes serving customers on the move.

Custom Hot Cups and Sleeves

Custom hot cups and sleeves add a personal touch to beverages at coffee shops and cafes, enhancing brand recognition and creating a memorable experience for customers.

Plastic Cups and Lids

Plastic cups and lids offer convenience and practicality for coffee shops and cafes, ensuring drinks are served securely for customers enjoying their favorite beverages on the go.

Food Paper & Wraps

Food paper and wraps offer cafes and coffee shops a versatile solution for wrapping snacks and pastries, ensuring freshness and convenience for customers.

Pactiv Evergreen - White Paperboard Baking Cups, 500/tb - FC125X2938

Baking Cups/Liners

Baking cups and liners provide coffee shops and cafes with easy and efficient solutions for baking muffins, cupcakes, and other treats, ensuring uniformity and convenience in the kitchen.