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Pactiv is among the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors of food packaging and foodservice products, supplying packers, processors, supermarkets, restaurants, institutions and foodservice outlets across North America.

Established in 1965 as Packaging Corporation of America, Pactiv has focused on producing and distributing the highest quality foodservice packaging products. Product lines include custom and stock foam, plastic, aluminum, pressed-paperboard, PE coated board, and molded-fiber packaging. Champion proudly hosts all Pactiv product lines and values its association with Pactiv.

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Product Assortment

  • Containers:

    Pactiv containers are flexible, crack-resistant APET and durable. Loaded with features such as push-in vents and SmartLock.

Hinged Lid: Whether its foam hingeware and its excellent insulation properties, or clear plastic or paper for their versatility and convenience, Pactiv hinged lid containers help keep food organized, secure and well presented.

One-Piece: Seamless, leak-resistant construction that’s microwave safe. Easily stackable, comes in a variety of sizes.

Two-Piece: Style and versatility in a variety of shapes and sizes, delivers clear convenience, organization, and merchandising.

Table Tops: Pactiv’s disposable tableware is strong and durable, with an option for nearly any occasion

Cutlery: Durable options, available in a variety of colors; available in individual packing too.

Plates: Sturdy, comes in a variety of shapes, colors and finishes that accommodate nearly any occasion. Clear dome lids are available separately for carryout and merchandising applications.

Platters: Disposable platters for foodservice are sturdy and lightweight. These platters offer portion control, the perfect solution for everyday use or larger gatherings.

Bowls: Disposable bowls for foodservice can be used for everyday purposes or for on-the-go. Perfect for special occasions, also convenient and water resistant.

  • Cups:

    Whatever the need — insulation, durability, style, or convenience — there’s a Pactiv cup for nearly any occasion and price-point, the perfect solution for meals, snacks, and on-the-go.

Hot Beverage cups: Pactiv’s hot beverage cups offer exceptional sidewall strength and come in a variety of materials and sizes, with locking lids (available separately) that help prevent spills, and sleeves that make holding hot beverages more comfortable.

Cold Beverage Cups: Disposable Cold Beverage cups offer exceptional clarity, durability, or insulation properties. Available in glass-like designs and foam options, Pactiv’s Cold Beverage Cups deliver versatility and convenience in a variety of shapes and sizes. Matching flat and dome lids (available separately) help contain spills.

Disposable Lids for Foodservice: Pactiv’s lids help carry the load and contain spills. Available in locking flat and dome-shaped lids, these products are compatible with hot and cold beverage cups. Available with or without a straw slot or hole.

Disposable Straws for Foodservice Beverage Cups: Completes the look of cold and hot beverage cups; available in individual packing as well as in bulk.

Beverage Carriers: Regardless of the beverage cup size, Pactiv has a cup carrier that fits all needs. From 4 cups to 1 cup, and 8 ounces to 32 ounces, there are many options to carry beverages with Pactiv’s versatile beverage carriers.

  • Wraps:

    Pactiv aluminum foils and plastic wraps make dispensing a snap. Available in a variety of gauges, lengths, and widths for nearly every storage and wrapping need in any foodservice environment.

Plastic Wrap: Quality construction with optical clarity helps keep meats, cheeses, and produce fresh and clearly visible. Wrapping machine options available.

Aluminum Foil: Foil Wrap for foodservice serve every application – freezing, storage and cooking. Available in pop-up sheets, rolls and laminated wraps in a variety of lengths, widths, and gauges.

  • Trays & Pads:

    Pactiv’s extra strong supermarket and processor trays and pads display and accommodate everything from single servings to bulk, while its carry trays are ideal for schools, cafeterias, and events. Available in a variety of colors and sizes.

School Trays: Pactiv’s rigid, multi-compartment school lunch trays offer portion-control convenience, ideal for cafeteria programs where durability and portability are essential. Available in a variety of sizes.

Meat & Poultry Trays: Built exceptionally strong and available in a range of sizes and colors, the supermarket and processor trays help display the product in most favorable light.

Carry Trays: Whether used as a sturdy buffet line carrier, a lightweight lap tray, or an everyday carrier or storage solution, Pactiv’s carry trays are lightweight and built to last. Available in a variety of sizes and colors.

Processor Trays: Stock trays in various sizes and shapes that are designed to run in high volume processor environments. Custom sizes and prints are also available.


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