Kari-Out Co.

A family-owned company founded in 1964, Kari-Out has over 50 years of diversified manufacturing experience in to-go food packaging in the United States.

About Kari-Out Company Kari-Out Company prides itself on being built up from the ground floor with an entrepreneurial attitude towards the growing food service industry. After gaining a strong position in our condiment lines, the company has expanded to include virtually all areas of the food service industry. Today, Kari-Out Company employs over 400 people and has locations throughout the country. Kari-Out Company is also proud to have received the American Institute of Bakers highest standard of quality, Superior, in regards to our manufacturing processes. Kari-Out operates out of six facilities throughout North America, with nearly 1 million square feet of production and distribution, supplying both independent and national food service distributors. In line with the company’s mission to be environmentally responsible, Kari-Out’s largest production facility is powered by solar energy.

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