Darnel INC.

Darnel provides an extensive line of food packaging and recyclable tableware manufactured with quality in mind. Darnel has been in operation for more than 30 years; it started almost at the same time when Champion established its roots in Canada. Darnel and Champion have a strong history together.

Darnel has production facilities in the United States, Spain, Turkey, Israel, Uruguay, Brazil, Colombia, as well as, distribution centers in Germany, Italy, Britain, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Poland and Russia, located strategically close to its customers to provide on-time delivery.

Darnel manufactures all its products following FDA regulations for food contact. In addition, all Darnel products are 100% recyclable.

Darnel has a dedicated R&D department working consistently to provide customers with new and innovative packaging products. Taking into consideration quality, design and cost effectiveness this group offers solutions that are viable in the marketplace.

Product Assortment


  • High Impact Cups, Plates & Bowls: Heavy Duty cups. Available in an array of colors. Lids available for use with these cups. Resistant, Stackable, and can be printed! Plates with compartments to prevent messes. Plates and Bowls available in different sizes.
  • Darnel Cup: Easy to use handle and great stackability makes this cup ideal both for coffee service machines as well as regular use. Exclusive design and, easy to use handle!
  • Wave Design Foam Bowls and Oval Platters: The deep plates Wave are the best alternative to serve cold or hot food as their structure and design there are more resistant and they do not deform, they are the best choice for restaurants, parties, BBQ, meetings, etc.
  • Wave Design Foam Plates: Available in a variety of sizes. These are the ideal value tableware. Available in black and white. Strong efficiency, exclusive design, and more resistant!
  • Clear Domes for Plates: Great visibility these are great for take-out use or cash and carry. Straight from table to home, this is a great solution. Resistant and Secure Locked!
  • High Impact Plates & Bowls: Available in different sizes. Plates with compartments to prevent messes. Resistant and economical alternative.
  • Clean Advantage Wave Design Plates: Variety of plates available in different sizes, and is resistant.
  • Darnel Stirrers & Straws: Darnel Stirrers are ideal for both hot and alcohol beverages. These are available in a variety of colors and lengths. Darnel straws come in a variety of colors and diameters available. Packaging includes ready to go display box.

For Packaging

  • Cups: Souffle Cups, Venetian cups, and Flex Venetian Cups. Flex Venetian Cups are ideal for frozen products. Like the regular Venetian cup the dual purpose lid and base makes this an elegant presentation. The Flex however is unbreakable and ideal for use in freezing conditions.
  • Hinged Lid containers: Darnel sells a variety of Hinged Lid containers – Natural Pulp containers, Foam containers, Heavy Duty Foam containers, Embossed Foam containers, Pulp trays etc. Wave Design Foam Rectangular Hinged Lids offer a new design, with better cube and structural integrity than traditional hinged lid container. Great thermal properties to maintain foods hot or cold for longer. Darnel Naturals Pulp Containers are 100% biodegradable. This is a ulp based product that is ideal for restaurant and take out use. Manufactured to be grease resistant, and can withstand temperaturas of up to 350°F, this line of hinged lid containers is also 100% recyclable.
  • Separate Lid Containers:
    • Twist containers: Twist containers come in a special design, which is both modern and attractive. This easy to use container is a comfortable product and an excellent display for products.  This container keeps your food fresh for a longer period due to its resistant and flexible structure. It is available in a wide variety of sizes to pack from small to big portions.
    • Darnel Reversible Bowl: This container lets you use the same container for all your needs – mixed salads, desserts, cookies and so much more, while saving storage space. This container is available in a multitude of sizes and works great for take-out or counter sales in a cash and carry environment.
    • Flip Packs: Great for bakery products, Flip Packs come in 2 colors, 2 heights and 3 sizes. This innovative product comes in multiple combinations.
  • Pet Hinged Lid Containers: These Hinged clear containers some in a variety of shapes and sizes – Multi-Use Hanging Containers, Single Slice Containers, Hinged Mini Packs, VisualPack, and VisualPack Miami. VisualPack Miami is a new family of containers available in different shapes and sizes to choose the right package according to the product need. Transparency and resistance makes them the best choice for bakery and take outs.
  • Dome: Darnel offers a range of Domes, ideal for all types of cakes and bakery products – Round Cake Domes, Square Cake Domes, Visual Domes, and Low Pie Domes.
  • Specialty Containers: Perfect for delis, superstores and hypermarkets, Darnel offers a variety of Specialty containers such as Heart Shaped, Party Platters with Lids, and Shrimp rings.

For Wrapping

Darnel offers products for wrapping products – PVC Shrink Films, Polyolefin Shrink Films, Foodservice Film Cutter Boxes, High Resistant Antibaterial Film, and Stretch Films.

Visit website: us.darnelgroup.com