CKF Inc.

CKF Inc. is a diversified Canadian-owned manufacturer that offers a wide range of pulp fibre, RPET and foam food products for the packaging, retail and food service industry. CKF Inc. is a proud manufacturer of food service, disposable tableware and food packaging products since 1933.
CKF is a Canadian family owned company established in 1933. The Company began with a single plant in Hantsport, Nova Scotia – manufacturing pie plates and cake circles for bakeries. CKF offers a wide range of products and materials with both customizable and environmentally-friendly options. CKF Inc. values itself to be adaptive, collaborative, forthright, results-driven, committed and accountable.
CKF has goals to create a positive impact on the environment and plan to make all of their products recyclable and compostable by 2020. This is all rooted from their Sustainable Development Plan that started in 2013. Champion Products proudly supplies all CKF products, specifically the environmentally-friendly options.

Product Assortment

Royal Chinet

Royal Chinet Disposable Plates, Bowls and Platters: The Royal Chinet brand is known for its strength, durability and most importantly, quality. It is one of the most trusted brands with consumers and is used to serve millions of people. These products are available in different sizes, shapes and colours to satisfy a large number of customers. Additionally, all products are also available for custom printing for your business.



Earthcyle Pulp Hinged Lid & Fibre Trays: The Earthcycle brand includes pulp trays, plates and clamshell hinged-lid containers that are simple, natural and down-to-earth. This product line is certified as compostable, recyclable and renewable for our environmentally-friendly customers. Pulp Hinged Lid offers a natural and authentic look to Food Service Establishments and presents an opportunity to display and substantiate their sustainability efforts to their customers with a superior product. These sturdy hinged lids are recyclable in waste paper streams, they are compostable, FDA compliant and are an excellent thermal carrier. Earthcycle pulp fibre packaging products help support brands and retailers that want to show their consumers that they care about the environment. The Earthcycle line of trays caters to a range of end users, including fresh produce, delis and bakeries. The Earthcycle trays are certified compostable and are suitable for home compost environments.



Paprus Disposable Paper Natural Pulp Plates: The Paprus brand includes the paprus pie plates that come in different sizes. This is a product line that is mostly attractive to bakers and restaurants due to its preservation of home baked freshness. These pulp plates are available in a number of shapes and sizes, and can be customizable to your business.



Savaday Pulp Fibre Compostable Food and Chip Trays: This product line specializes in takeout boxes and any other food items that are on the go. These products are superior in the market when it comes to their oil and grease resistance and we offer them in different sizes that applicable to appetizers, main courses and condiments. These products come in different shapes and colours and can be customizable to your business. Additionally, they are all part of CKF’s environmentally friendly program and they are all recyclable, biodegradable and compostable.

Strongholder Cup Carriers

Pulp Fibre Cup Carriers: Strong fibre cups that are recyclable, biodegradable and compostable and a perfect option for customers that want to take their beverage to go. These are commonly used in takeout coffee business and are available in different sizes and shapes.


Dynette Disposable Foam Plates: The Dynette brand includes quality foam plates that are made using recycled material and are themselves disposable. They are made sturdy and ultra-strong in order to carry all kinds of different meals and assure soak-proof resilience. If you’re looking for reliability and strength in foam plates, dynette has you covered. This tableware line comes in a soft white colour that can complement any table setting. CKF foam plates can come in a number of formats and sizes and can also be customizable to your particular brand.


The EcoMates line is a hybrid between the Earthcycle and RPET categories. This is a hybrid to create products that are both fully compostable and recyclable to make for an extremely eco-friendly combination. The main product is the RPET Plastic Produce Tray Lids that are available with many of the Earthcycle standard sized trays. These lids are strong and clear and provide visibility, stackability and tamper-resistance.

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