Cascades PRO

Cascades PRO™ Manufacturer

Cascades PRO™ Manufacturer

Cascades PRO is an industry leader in tissue, towel and wiper products. Champion and Cascades have been associated for a long-term period of time and will continue to work together for many years to come.

Cascades Tissue Group employs 2,200 people within their 21 manufacturing and coversion plants throughout Canada and the United States. Cascades PRO employs over 2,000 associated within 20 production units throughout North America. Cascades owns and operates 17 paper machines, 100+ converting lines, and 8 integrated de-inking units.

Cascades has a constantly evolving Sustainable Development Plan that identifies measurable objectives it is committed to attain. It is the only North American paper manufacturer with its own group of permanent experts dedicated to energy efficiencies.


Cascades PROTM product range includes:

  • Paper hand towels
  • Bathroom tissue
  • Dispensers
  • Facial tissue
  • Table napkins
  • Wipers
  • Household towels


Product Assortment

Cascades PROTM provides the commercial and industrial sectors with a complete line of quality products, ranging from the most affordable to the most luxurious. They offer brands and dispensing systems which can cater the needs of every market. Their brands include Cascades PRO TandemTM, Cascades PRO SignatureTM, Cascades PRO PerformTM, Cascades PRO SelectTM and Cascades PRO Tuff-JobTM.



Cascades PRO TandemTM
Reliable and Durable

The TandemTM system allows you to make sustainable choices while enjoying substantial cost savings. Tandem dispensers are designed for exclusive use with Cascades PRO paper products, offering ease-of-use, decreased labour costs and minimized product waste. A line of dispensers that are designed to look sleek, modern and sophisticated and have been proven to be 99.9% jam free. These dispensers elevate your restrooms image, are hygienic and increase productivity through faster maintenance.

  • 25 to 40% waste reduction
  • Customizable OnDisplayTM advertising window
  • Available in multiple dispensing options


Cascades PRO SignatureTM

Superior Softness and Absorbency

Cascades SignatureTM line includes facial tissue, table napkins, paper hand towels, household towels and bathroom tissue. Offering customers premium quality and softness, this line of products will add a touch of luxury to your restrooms. Cascades standard toilet paper products are part of Cascades commitment to their Sustainable Development Plan and are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council_ Certified.

  • Mostly virgin fiber
  • Premium quality & performance
  • 3rd party certification

Cascades PRO PerformTM

It doesn’t get greener than this

Cascades PerformTM products include a line of 100% recycled bathroom tissue, facial tissue, paper hand towels and table napkins. Some products are designed to work exclusively with Cascades PRO TandemTM dispensers. This product line includes certified Green Seal, UL and Green-e products that reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 15%. Most Products are biodegradable and an excellent sustainable and green choice without compromising quality, performance, and softness.

  • 100% recycled fiber for most products
  • 3rd party certifications
  • High performance


Cascades PRO SelectTM

Functional and Reliable

Cascades SelectTM products address everyday needs by providing consumers with a product line that is functional, reliable and affordable. This product line includes biodegradable, sustainable and economical options. The product line includes bathroom tissue, facial tissue, paper hand towels, household towels and table napkins. A line that is designed to be environmentally friendly, most products are made from 100% recycled fiber.

  • 3rd party certifications
  • Great value


Cascades PRO Tuff-JobTM

Maximum Durability and Strength

The Tuff-Job allows you to make a mess with a reliable source to help you conquer the tuff job of having to wipe it. The Tuff-Job line includes a variety of different wipers including hand cleaning wet towels, all-purpose paper wipers, windshield paper wipers, scrim reinforced wipers, high performance wipers and foodservice towels. Designed with the toughest jobs in mind, these wipers are proven to be durable and strong to outperform every competitor.

  • Reusable
  • Highly absorbent
  • Durability for job efficiency
  • Ideal replacement for rental shop towels