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Bio Organic Solution

Bio Organic Solutions, a leading manufacturer and distributor of organic cleaning products in Ontario, Canada, offers a wide range of household, industrial, and institutional cleaning solutions. Established nearly 15 years ago, we operate in relevance to the Canadian values, norms and standards to provide high-quality cleaning products to foodservice and janitorial industry. Within a short span of time, we have earned a huge list of loyal customers including all the major industries in Michigan and Ontario. With a dedicated promise to win customers’ delight with product & service excellence, we have focused on imbuing reliability & durability in all our smart and innovative hygiene solutions.

Bio Organic Solution Products

We offer quality products for all your cleaning needs such as personal hygiene (hand cleaning & sanitizing), window cleaning, disinfecting, degreasing and sanitizing, dishwashing, rinse aid solutions, and cleaning products for numerous other applications in your daily life. Thus, we have almost everything to keep you, your home, office, warehouse, restaurant, and other business sites completely clean and sanitized with our more efficient, safer and organic cleaning products.

Product Quality

Delivering quality products every time, has earned Bio Organic Solutions the reputation of most trusted and preferred cleaning products’ supplier in Ontario, Canada. We implement proven and effective production ethics to ensure safe and consistent quality. We work hard to be the best in formulating and manufacturing the products, and exceed expectations in distribution and after-sales services. All aspects of production procedure, ranging from raw materials to commercialization, are strictly controlled in order to meet customer satisfaction. We never compromise on quality so we source and utilize the highest quality raw materials from the most trusted vendors. Strict quality control and safety standards are maintained and tested at every step of the manufacturing process. We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit that is well equipped with modern manufacturing facilities to provide a range of superior quality products to our customers. The quality and performance of our products are evaluated & analyzed by our team of professional experts to ensure delivery of perfect quality products to our clients.

Let us show you why we deserve to be your first choice whenever it comes to cleaning and hygiene of your workplace in the most cost-effective and efficient manner! We welcome you to explore our website and acquaint yourself with our range of products, their specifications & uses.