Anchor Packaging

Anchor Packaging Inc.

Anchor Packaging is a leading manufacturer of rigid containers and all-purpose cling film for the foodservice industry. Anchor completed 50 years of operation in 2013; by this time Anchor had already established itself as the 8th largest plastic packaging thermoformer in North America.

Anchor’s mission has always been to delight its customers with quality and value-driven products. It is this drive to innovate and introduce new packaging solutions that has brought Champion Products and Anchor Packaging together in a manufacturer-supplier relationship. Champion deeply values its association with Anchor, and will strive to maintain this relation for years to come.

Product Assortment

Anchor’s product line includes upscale takeout packaging for restaurants and quick service chains, assorted hinged and two-piece packages with high clarity, anti-fog lids to merchandise fresh prepared ready-to-eat and ready-to-reheat meals and side dishes in retail supermarkets and convenience stores, and products designed for food processor high speed production lines.


  • Cling: Anchor’s cling foils and films are a premium-grad
    e foodservice film with excellent cling and puncture properties. A blue tinted film, with outstanding clarity for food service professionals,
  • comes with lock top design, improved film exit slot, and hand holes for easy transportation. Anchor Packaging has added a DRI-GARD™ grease and water box protectant to its premium film lines. DRI-GARD is a revolutionary box coating that gives added resistance to moisture, grease, and spills that are commonplace in the kitchen. DRI-GARD not only preserves the box integrity but also keeps it more sanitary since it can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.
  • Dispenser: Anchor produces safety dispensers which can be used in conjunction with Anchor’s refill foils
  • Slide Cutter: Anchor’s Safety Cutters cut fil
    • Shrink: Anchor’s perforated sheet rolls of shrink wrap, Shrinks 30% machine direction and 25% web width. The most popular bakery shrink wrap, providing excellent shelf life, sparkle and sheen. The shrink will not distort fragile packages. To be used everywhere a food or non-food item requires airtight packaging that merchandises well. Available in large bulk rolls for use with perforated wrap dispensers.
  • m cleanly and safely.
  • Stretch: UltraWrap Meat and produce films have been reformulated to provide a softer feel while giving a greater yield per role. Improved stretch ability reduces physical strain associated with hand wrapping.


  • Containers/Lids: AnchorFoil aluminum pans and lids are available in full and half-steam table sizes. Heavy gauge aluminum overcap lids are available for each steam table size.
    • Rolls: AnchorFoil cutter box rolls are available in standard and heavy guage aluminum, in various sizes and lengths. Attractive “recycling green” cutter boxes are moisture and grease-resistant, and easier to clean than white cutter boxes. Safe cutting edge helps reduce workplace injury.
    • Sheets: AnchorFoil aluminum sheets are available in several sizes. Each case holds 12 popup boxes, with each box holding 200 individual sheets. Attractive “recycling green” cutter boxes are moisture and grease-resistant, and easier to clean than white cutter boxes.


    • PETE/RPET: Sandwich Wedges, Snack Trays, Deep and Shallow Clamshells come with hinged base and lid, suitable for cold and fresh food applications. Good moisture and oxygen barrier properties with brilliant clarity.
    • Polypropylene: Culinary Classics carry outs and clamshells will withstand temperatures up to 230°F when used under heat lamps, in warming units and microwaves. The clear, anti-fog lid is vented allowing steam to dissipate keeping fried foods crisp and your appetizing product visible to assure order accuracy. Stacking will not block the vents and the secure snap closure eliminates spills while ensuring freshness. The tear-away   “convertible lid” provides a table-ready presentation that allows your customers to eat right out of the crack- and cut-resistant polypropylene base.

    Combo Packs

    Combo Packs come in various bases with matching lids. They make a convenient case pack for foodservice takeout, retail packaging and storing, minimizing SKU’s to order and store.


    Aluminium and Foil steam pans and casseroles are available with matching lids for convenience.

    Anchor under its Crystal Classics brand manufactures RPET bowls, which provides an excellent structural strength and crack-resistance. It stands up to cold temperatures and doesn’t break even when dropped. Inner/outer double-seal provides a leak-resistant seal. Large textured tabs on the bowl and lids provide for easy opening by customers. An interlocking feature on the bowl and lid assures positive stacking on display or in the bag.

    Polypropylene bowls and trays, manufactured by Anchor, come in various sizes and can withstand heat. These deli containers are reusable and are made from natural materials.

    Hinged Containers

    RPET and Polypropylene hinged clamshells and containers come with crystal clear hinged lids. These consumer friendly tear-away lids provide amazing clarity to showcase your food, since they utilize the new anti-condensation technology.